Monday, September 23, 2013

Recap since take off

I had an epic first class plane right Seattle ----> Chicago. I won't say how many HALF FULL goblets of wine the lovely stewardess brought me... along with warm nuts and a hot chocolate chip cookie. I cuddled up in the wool blanket and watched a terrible action attempted film starring Will Smith and heart touching co-star, his young son, playing his young son. I should have fallen asleep but the warm nuts really got me excited and curious as to what other surprises were to come. I manged to get an hour of sleep in before landing in Chicago. There I somehow made it to my gate where I curled up in a corner and fell asleep. I set two alarms. TWO. Upon later recollection they did wake me up but I looked at the wrong time, being Portland time, and gave myself another two hours.... therefore missed my plane. No worries, I woke up laughing and hobbled over to the lady replaying my blunder to her. Seriously, getting someone to smile or laugh I think goes a long way, she got me on the next flight leaving two hours later, no charge (I was really expecting one). I was on the wait list as the flight was full but some person (maybe they fell asleep too...) did not make the flight and I got their seat, hurrah.
I arrived in Rochester, my brain feeling like the motor in "my" 65 Ford Galaxy when it is out of gas.... EERREEERR EEERREERR, does that even come close to the struggling sound it makes? You get the idea. In this state the gatekeeper who makes sure silly things don't come out of my mouth is clearly off duty so I have to be careful... Rose Marie, my mothers long time friend and owner of farm, whisked me home and fed me the most beautiful plate of cheese, olives and homemade sausage with a hot cup of tea. We chatted and she reignited my passion to apply to be a US foreign service officer - a dream position I have had for a long time.
Food does funny things something, either it revives you or gives you the energy to get yourself into bed.
I passed out early only to awake to a lovely dinner set out by Rose Marie and Tony.
I told myself I was not going to write novel blog posts anymore so this is where I will leave it for today.